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High Accuracy / For Truck Scale, Large Size Platform Scale, Hopper Scale

In 1953, YAMATO was the first Japanese manufacturer to successfully put an electrical resistance wire strain gauge load cell. Since then, we go forward electronically weighing and have been development of high accuracy, compact and quickly operation of load cell. We contribute to every industry and enterprise as the performance and reliability is estimated highly. We, YAMATO, can supply load cell for every use and suitable environment.

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Loadcell yamato CC52 ( cảm biến lực )

Tính năng chịu nhiệt rất tốt 


Double Convex Loading 
Low Deflection 
Hermetically Sealed


 Rated Output(R.O.):2.0±0.004mv/v

Linearity including hysteresis:±0.05% of R.O.

Repeatability:±0.02% of R.O. 

Creep:±0.03% of R.O. 

Recovery:±0.03% of R.O. 

Recommended excitation voltage:10V ac or dc

Maximum excitation voltage:15V ac or dc

Zero balance:±1% of R.O.

Input terminal resistance:350±5 Ohms

Output terminal resistance:350±3 Ohms

Cable length:5m

Insulation resistance:5000M Ohms

Compensated temperature range:-10~+60°C

Safe temperature range:-30~+80°C

Temperature effect on load:±0.015% of Reading/10°C

Temperature effect on zero balance:±0.015% of R.O./5°C

Safe overload:150% of Rated Capacity

Ultimate overload:300% of Rated Capacity

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