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Nhà phân phối loadcell ASL 50 t: 3000 d (C3) ASL 30 t Ex: 3000 d C3 Ripple load cell. FA3000 i Series: Accuracy class: D1, C3, C6 Capacities: 10-20-50-100-200-500 kg. S-type load .

Ex version for use in gaseous and dusty zones according to new directive 94/09/EC.

CE type certificate n°: LCIE 09 ATEX 3051 X. Marking according to EN60079-0: 2009

• For - 40 °C  ta  + 40 °C: II2G Ex d IIC T6 Gb II2D Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db • For - 40 °Ex d IIC T5 Gb II2D Ex tb IIIC T100°C Db Description The measurement principle on which the ASL load cell is based is the deformation of beams subjected to a compression force. It uses strain gauges arranged to form a Wheatstone bridge for conversion of a force into an electrical signal. The ASL load cell is specially designed to be insensitive to eccentric loads, while remaining low-dimensioned. Cabling Available models  ASL 30 t: 3 500 d (C3.5) 

ASL 30 t Ex*: 3 500 d - C3.5  ASL

50 t: 3 000 d (C3)  ASL 50 t Ex*: 3 000 d - C3

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Hiện nay OTD phân phối các sản phẩm của Precia Molen:

  • In Motion Checkweighers
  • Laboratory weighing
  • Load indicators and transmitters
  • Load receptors
  • PRECIA Access range
  • Road, rail and road-rail weighbridges
  • Load cells and accessories
  • Driver Terminals
  • Industrial scales and platforms
  • Systems and applications
  • Printers and slave displays
  • Continuous dosing
  • Products in hazardous area
  • Automatic bulk scales

CMA load cell: CMA300, CMA500, CMA1000
 CMI Load cell: CMI500, CMI1000, CMI2000, CMI5000
 CSP-M: 10t, 25t, 40t, 60t, 100t

 SCL 35 t: 3 500 d (C3.5) and 2 x 3 500 d (C3.5MB)
 SCL 35 t Ex: 3 500 d - C3.5
 SCL 55 t: 3 500 d (C3.5) and 2 x 3 500 d (C3.5MB)
 SCL 55 t Ex: 3 500 d - C3.5
 ASL 30t: 3500 d (C3.5)
 ASL 30 t Ex: 3500 d C3.5
 ASL 50 t: 3000 d (C3)
 ASL 30 t Ex: 3000 d C3
 Ripple load cell
 FA3000 i Series: Accuracy class: D1, C3, C6
 Capacities: 10-20-50-100-200-500 kg

 S-type load cell
 TA-I 500, TA-I 100, TA-I 2000, TA-I 5000
 I100, I100-S
 I200B, I200M, I200B-S, I200M-S, I200B/I200M (-S)-D
 I300-S, I300
 I400D-M, I400D-MS, I400TB, I400TB-S, I400SDU, I400WLC;
 Process 12, Process13c/14c/T1c, Process 15, Process Satellite Dosing application, Process NUM SI: AFNSI, ISIA, ISIC;
 Mascon-3 ABS;
 Siwarex FTA;
 Alpha II, TM 295, IBE 94, LQ300, P100, P950;
 (Remote) Displays:
 D200, ABC57, ABC100/160/250, RVO remote display (-0 + indicator);
 Interfaces / adaptors:
 Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, DeviceNet;
 Fixed Weight:
 Vehicle weighbridges fixed position:
 VS-110 C / P 40 to 100t
 VS-120 C / P 40 to 80t
 VS-125 C / P 40 to 70t
 VS-200 C (/ P) 30 to 100t
 VS-200 CS (/ P) 30 to 100t
 VS-200 S (/ P) 30 to 100t
 VS-300 CS 30 to 60t
 VS-300 S 30 to 60t;
 Vehicle weighbridges Mobile versions:
 VS-950 S / R 30 tot 60t
 VS-920 S / R 30 tot 70t
 ROC (pdf)
 7ELEM (pdf)
 Railway weighbridges WS-110;
 Truck dumpers Weighing and non-weighing:
 EVS-T weighing truck dumper
 VS-T non-weighing truck dumper;
 Traffic controlFor weighbridges;
 Weighbridge self-service units and terminals
 For weighbridges and various other applications:
 BI300 self service unit;
 Standard scales:
 C 100, C 200 B / C 200 M, CK 100, CR 100, CR 100-S
 CK 200, CR 200, CR 200-S;
 Mobile weighining instruments Multiple applications:
 MCW Crane hook weigher
 TPW Weighing pallet trucks
 LTF / LTW Weighing forks / fork unit for lift trucks
 WWS Axle weighers;
 Platform scales
 For every industrial weighing need the right solution:
 K range platform scales industrial use
 R1 GM platform scales table top / floor use
 Jet'FP P Pallet scale
 R1 DL range platform scale table top use
 R4 SB-S range Low profile platform scales
 R4 range Industrial platform scale;
 Dynamic weighing:
 ABS hopper scales
 Bulk scales for weighing of bulk goods:
 ABS-XL hopper scales, standard and ATEX
 ABS-XL-SCS hopper scales, standard and ATEX
 ABS-XT throughput weigher
 Hopper scale automation / Process Control Software;
 Check weighers
 TLV dynamic check weighers;

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