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Standard Features
• High-contrast, backlit, color display with 320 x 240 pixel resolution
• Alphanumeric keypad with ABC input
• Five soft keys
• RS232C, Ethernet and PS/2 interfaces
• Wall mount bracket
• Fully programmable graphical development tool (GDT) for easy programming and testing (ColdFire technology)
• GMP/GLP printout
• Configured printout
• Two A/D converters (optional)
• Optional bus interfaces (ProfiBus-DP; DeviceNet; InterBus; EterNet; 10m; CC-Line) limited to one
• Other interfaces (Optional) (Serial RS-232/485; analog output/input; opto-isolated 6 inputs/12 outputs; BCD) limited to three
• Connect up to two analog scales or load cell systems simultaneously
• Connect up to 62 digital scales via RS-485 bus

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